Tom, Pars
Hurtwood Park
Polo Club,

April 29, 2004

This was my final gig
for the trip, alas...
but what a way
to finish off!
Gary, Tom David, Pars
The drummer's ready - so where's the rest of the band?
Hurtwood Park
When we got there we found out that there was a 70th birthday party, right behind the bamboo screen where the band were setting up. It could have been a problem, but in fact the party guests were up and dancing... and the band played a smashing rendition of The Beatles' Birthday to boot!
Gary, from the front Gary, from the back
Gary Farmer... from the front, and from the back - great vest, isn't it???!!!
David, me, Tom Leonie, Gary, Mandy Tom, me, Gary
Winding down after the gig...The Bass Players' Collective
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