Gig: Fielder & Firkin, Sutton  -  September 25, 2003

    Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:02:10
    From: "glamfan33"
 Subject: Cry Wolf in Sutton

Thursday night at the Fielder and Firkin in Sutton was the first time that I'd seen rock covers band Cry Wolf and what a good night it turned out to be. Cry Wolf comprises of the Farmer brothers - Dave and Tom who were originally in Blackfoot Sue and Gary who used to be in BC Sweet - plus Pars Evrenos. Vocally they have to be one of the strongest bands I've ever heard, they are highly talented musicians and I really enjoyed the choice of songs that they played, which covered everything from Under the Bridge, Wishing Well, Animal, Highway to Hell and Whiskey In The Jar through to Sandman, White Wedding, Whole Lotta Rosie, Get It On and Fox On The Run. I am already looking at the Cry Wolf gig list to see when I might be able to see them again !

 ( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

Pars and Tom at Sutton, September 25, 2003

Budgie and Gary at The Castle, October 4, 2003 Gig: The Castle Inn, Isleworth  -  October 4, 2003

  Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 7:19 pm
  From: roadster333
Subject: cry wolf

Went and saw Cry Wolf on Saturday and they were excellent. Shame that due to a technical fault with the bass* they had to cut short the second set, but will be going to see them again.

( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

* Webmaster's note: the bass amp blew up while dep Budgie was using it
at this gig; Tom was on holidays.

Gig: The Red Lion, Twickenham  - October 18, 2003

   Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 09:38:46
   From: roadster333
Subject: Cry Wolf

Went and saw Cry Wolf at a packed venue in Twickenham last night and they just blew us away....fantastic. Great to hear all the classic rock songs from AC/DC, T-Rex, Nirvana to Puddle of Mudd.

Thanks to Skippy and Co I learnt so much about rugby and kangaroos in one evening!!
It was great fun.

( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

Gig: The Castle Inn, Isleworth  - November 22, 2003

   Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:05:21
   From: sakkarinnn
Subject: Re: cry wolf

Cry Wolf - great band, first time I'd seen them - when those three brothers get going, it's like a machine stepping into gear. But what would you expect, with such a rock heritage behind them? And still obviously thoroughly enjoying themselves. Particularly loved their Fox On The Run :-). What a nice bunch of blokes, too!

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Gig: The Castle Inn, Isleworth  - December 20, 2003

   Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 09:19:52
   From: roadster333
Subject: crywolf

Went and saw Crywolf last night at The Castle in Isleworth with a few friends and had a great time. This band is fast becoming one of my favourites and they are really easy to watch. There was new material again which I have not heard them play and one set is never the same as another.

( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

Gig: The Globe Inn, Brentford  - April 1, 2004


last night was a STUNNING night! Cry Wolf were back after what seemed like an eternity when they didn't play there for a long while. Let's hope that they get regular gigs there again! Excellent bands, excellent beer, excellent staff.

Charlie & Beata keep up the good work guys!  (Pandora - 2 Apr 2004 14:53)

Can't recommend it highly enough - I lived down the road for a couple of years and it became an extension of our front room. Great beer garden, brilliant owners, Cry Wolf playing live, late license (well 12) Thurs - Sat, pool table - genius! I couldn't help but write in to say so.  (loads_of_monkeys - 1 Apr 2004 15:59)

(Webmaster's note: It was a great night, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well. The acoustics of this pub are great, and so we were treated to one of those rare occasions when David Farmer played a drum solo! A triumphant return.)

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Pars at The Globe, April 1, 2004
 Gig: Stripes Bar, Brentford - April 17, 2004

Now locally where I live (west London) I am always seeing posters  advertising this covers band playing in venues all around the area and I am glad I’ve finally got the chance to catch them in concert. They feature Tom Farmer (bass/vocals) and David Farmer (drums/vocals), who were both founding members of 70’s band Blackfoot Sue (they had a hit with ‘Standing In The Road’) along with Gary Farmer (guitar/vocals) and Pars Evrenos (lead guitar).

A decent sized crowd, including some fans that obviously follow the band wherever they play* awaited the band who kicked off with ‘Start Me Up’ (Rolling Stones) and ‘Under the Bridge’ (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), both were solidly played but they failed to impress me. But then they played a storming ‘Highway To Hell’ (AC/DC), a note perfect ‘All The Young Dudes’ (Mott the Hoople) and great harmony vocals on ‘Animal’ (Def Leppard) including the cheer as the ‘cry wolf’ part of the song was sung! The band are very tight and accomplished having three elements that rise them above other covers bands... the vocals, both harmony and Tom & Gary who share lead vocals; the lead guitar soloing of Pars Evrenos (superb solo on Pink Floyd's ‘Comfortably Numb’) and finally, the sheer repertoire the band have - they took requests including ‘Whisky In The Jar’ (Thin Lizzy). But they also know the newer rock bands as they did ‘Song 2’ (Blur) and ‘How You Remind Me’ (Nickelback) plus ‘Enter Sandman’ (Metallica). They rounded off the evening in style with ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ (AC/DC) and ‘Paranoid’ (Black Sabbath).

As the two friends I bought along commented it was the best five pounds they’d spent on a band in a long time! Well worth seeing and an enjoyable night of top rate rock music.

Jason Ritchie

 ( This review is from the Yahoo group: Classic Rock Newswire )

 * Webmaster's note: including one who'd travelled from the other side of the planet :-)


Gig: World Super Bikes, Brands Hatch  - August 1, 1999

This may be going back a little, but it was by far one of the best gigs the boys have played. It was indoors in the packed-out hexagon bar, with the band doing, unusually, 3 sets.

If I tell you the first set was incredible, and the other two blew the first away it gives some idea of the nite. I was buzzin for two days! There were around six hundred bikers in that bar, all extremely happy, feeding off the music, and the band feeding off the crowd.

Cheers, guys, loyal fan Shaun

 Shaun Fitz A.K.A. Chubz (via email)

Gig: The Bleak House, Woking, Surrey  - September 20, 2004

Visiting the Bleak House pub near Woking, Surrey on many Monday music nights over the years, it was sad that on 20th September 04, was to be the last music night, as the pub had been sold (spoilt sports another music venue gone).

You sensed that the evening was going to be special as the locals wanted to give the pub a good send off and were in party mood. Cry Wolf certainly contributed to what became a great evening. The band performed 2 brilliant sets to a seriously packed pub.

Once the band got going they certainly rocked the place with superb versions of rock classics including Highway To Hell, Radar Love, Animal, Comfortably Numb, Whole lot of Rosie, Paranoid and more. The band are blessed with quality vocals, harmonies, drum, bass, rhythm and superb lead guitar.

The crowd loved it and insisted the guys perform 2 encores. Thanks to the band for making a sad evening for the venue closing into a fantastic night. My friends and I will continue to spread the word about Cry Wolf at every opportunity and will be seeing the band at other venues soon.

Best wishes, Steve Murphy  (via email)


Gig: Tribute To Rock, Nettleham, Lincs.  - October 9, 2004

First time I've seen the Wolf but won't be the last. What a good selection of songs past and present, thoroughly enjoyed Comfortably Numb, as an avid Floyd fan it couldn't have been any closer to the real thing. Pity about the sound out front as the engineer had the p.a. on number 11 for most of the set, this I think spoiled the overall sound of a truly pro band. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Jamo Lyons (via email)

Gig: The Red Lion, Twickenham  - October 23, 2004

   Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 09:23:08
   From: roadster333
Subject: CRY WOLF

These guys never cease to amaze me... they turn up at a gig in jeans and t-shirts, set up and sound check in 45 minutes, lead guitarist arrives 15 minutes before they start, plays a few notes, tunes his guitar and then hit you with the most amazing sound and music you will ever hear. They are a really great band with a down-to-earth approach and always make time to talk to everybody.

It was at The Red Lion in Twickenham last night, one of my favourite venues and it was packed. The guys had the audience singing numbers from AC/DC, Bon Jovi, ZZ Top and so many more. They played Enter the Sandman by Metallica and just blew the whole venue away.

I had a great time and finally met up with old friends who I hadn't seen for ages. There was dirty dancing and pole dancing and it was just one big party. Thanks guys for Blurry by Puddle Of Mudd.

Anyone interested they play the same venue on 12th November...just one thing missing CAROL...come back soon.

 ( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

 Webmaster's comment: Thanks for the sentiment, Sue! One of my very favourite venues too! :-)


Gig: The Red Lion, Twickenham  - January 7, 2005

   Date: 10 Jan 2005 10:15:14
   From: roadster333
Subject: CRYWOLF

Another fantastic packed and very hot night on Friday at The Red Lion in Twickenham
watching Cry Wolf.

Even more new material and great to have Eddie Golga and Alan Jones original Blackfoot Sue members in the audience, who along with everyone else were enjoying themselves.

Great to see Carol as always, who is on a flying visit.

Will be great to see the original two members of Blackfoot join the guys on stage...
hurry up and arrange that one Carol!

 ( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )

 Webmaster's comment: It was great to catch up again, Sue! With yourself and Miranda, Ali and her friends, Eddie, Lynn, Josh, Alan and everybody else, it was a fantastic night!

Gig: The Rising Sun, Slough  - April 29, 2006

   Date: 29 Apr 2006
   From: Trudy
Subject: Crywolf

I ventured to Slough last night to check out Crywolf and as normal they didn't disappoint. As well as playing excellent music they also make the effort to come over and have a chat & find out if your enjoying the evening, and yes we did have a fantastic evening.

I had been about 4 weeks ago & since i last saw the guys and since then some new stuff has been introduced, they did U2's Vertigo as well as Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams, they also started the second set with Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive with Pars going acoustic for this track, fantastic stuff.

An act not to be missed.

( This review is from the Yahoo group: doitalloveragain70smusic )


Gig: The Windsor Castle, Carshalton  - February 20, 2010

   Date: 22 Feb 2010

Subject: Windsor Castle - Saturday 20 February 2010

Having seen the Wolfs in many venues over the last few years, my partner & I ventured to the Windsor Castle last Saturday.

She had not seen the Wolfs before and thoroughly enjoyed the gig ! The pub was heaving and rocking ! For me they were at their imperialistic best, and their version of Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' was outstanding ! Well done guys will be seeing you again soon !

Graham Kemp - Wallington


 Gig: The Admiral Nelson, Whitton  - March 6, 2010

Message from the pub:

Thank you to everyone who joined us Saturday night to see the phenomenal performance of CRY WOLF

This band had the whole pub rocking from 9pm through to midnight.

They were lucky to get out alive after smashing there way through a set of rock classics which had the crowd jumping off
the walls and begging for more!!

...If you EVER get a chance to see this band then i strongly suggets you do so, the set up was perfect, creating a loud crisp
sound which really captured and created an electric at The Admiral Nelson

The only disappointment was that the pub wasn't bigger to cater for the huge following of rock fans in tow.

They will be playing again at the Admiral Nelson although a date has yet to be confirmed.


When it has......



Webmaster's note: we had Paul Manzi (ex-Raw Glory) depping in Gary's place.

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